Aug 212015

Former tour bus driver in Alaska and Shakespeare devotee Mark Bottemiller has been singing tenor with Cantabile since 2003. Born in Wadena, Minnesota, Mark earned his BA in Psychology and Speech Communication from Concordia College. In 1992 he took part in a one year tour with Up With People, a global education organization which aims to bring people together through service and music.

Mark’s grandfather invented the Swivel Rocker Chair, and was a member of the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame with over 25 patents to his name.

jafimaAs Owner/Founder of Jafima, LLC, a pet furniture designer and craft manufacturer, Mark has created a line of all natural pet furniture products. He is also National Sales Manager for Ebel Inc., a patio furniture manufacturer.

Mark’s pet peeve is people who don’t use turn signals. He enjoys fly fishing, SCUBA diving and outdoor photography. Given a week with no other commitments, Mark would go camping and fishing or head back to the family lake home in Minnesota.

Aug 142015

Author of the number one selling textbook in comparative endocrinology, Vertebrate Endocrinology, tenor David O. Norris has sung with Cantabile for over 20 years.

A native of Ohio, David has a PhD from the University of Washington in Zoology (Endocrinology). He has worked at CU Boulder since 1966 as Professor of Biology (1966–2004), Professor (2004–2012) and Professor emeritus (2012–present) in the department of Integrative Physiology.

David is allergic to rodents and so for more than 50 years he studied fishes and amphibians as model organisms to learn how environmental factors (including man-made chemicals) alter the secretion of our hormones. He discovered that estrogenic chemicals released from the Boulder wastewater treatment plant were feminizing fishes downstream (a phenomenon since shown around the country). He is a member of the Board of Directors of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange.

david-norris-fishingIn the course of his career at CU, David produced over 150 research publications and published eight books, including one on Forensic Plant Science now in press with Academic Press. He developed techniques using gastrointestinal contents to help determine time of death and connect suspects to crime scenes by using microscopic examination of plant remains. David is a charter member of NecroSearch International, a volunteer group of law enforcement personnel and scientists that locate clandestine graves.

His pet peeves include choral directors who say “that was good” when it really wasn’t, out-of-tune singing and corporations that are clearly interested only in profit at the expense of the environment and of people.

Aug 072015

Cantabile soprano Ursula Wade was born in Rustenburg, South Africa and came to the U.S. at the age of nine months. She spent her early years in Dime Box, Texas, so named for the dime you placed with your letter in the mail box for delivery. The family moved to Colorado and Ursula attended Boulder High School and went on to receive her BSN from the Medical Center in Denver.

She recalls that her paternal grandfather wrote beautiful poetry to the woman who would become her grandmother from the front during World War I.

Ursula enjoys cross-country skiing, motorcycling, bicycling, gardening, folk dancing, and snorkeling, which she discovered on a trip to Akumal, Mexico.

Ursula grew up playing the violin and has sung since she can remember. One her favorite vocal pieces is the oboe/soprano duet from Vivaldi’s Gloria. This coming season will be her second with Cantabile.