Jul 242015

Boulder native Chelsea Thomas started singing soprano with Cantabile when she was 19, took a hiatus while in college and came back to sing with us again in 2014. Chelsea loves working in her garden, which she started from scratch. She’s taken it from humble beginnings of dirt and weeds and put in paths, mulched everything, and planted tons of flowers.

Chelsea comes from a family of strong women. Her great-great grandmother left her husband to homestead on her own and raise her children. While she doesn’t hope to leave her future husband, she does want to continue the history of standing up for herself and her family. When she was twelve, her father bought a catamaran, dreaming of sailing the Caribbean, and the family lived on it for about a year. They never actually got to sail, though, which was fine with Chelsea: “I always worried the boat would sink or flip and I would get trapped under water and drown!”

Chelsea’s pet peeve is when people say “There’s” when they should say “There are.” “For instance, there are a lot of great people in Cantabile!” Her favorite choral piece is Monteverdi’s Non si levava ancor. If Chelsea had a week with no other commitments, she would watch Netflix, work on her garden, sleep a lot and spend time with her family.