May 072015

Doug Burger was one of Cantabile’s founding members and has sung with the choir for 24 years. A Boulder native, he comes by his musical talents honestly, with a traveling trombonist mother who also played piano for silent films. Doug lives in the mountains and during the terrible flood of 2013 he made the nightly news when rescuers helped him get out of harm’s way. Viewers watched in awe as he crossed a raging creek on a precarious-looking rope-apparatus.

Author of The Weighty Word Book and Associate Professor Emeritus of English at CU Boulder, Doug loves to read. He speaks Middle English and Anglo-Saxon, along with a couple varieties of pig Latin and has set himself the challenge of reading all the Pulitzer Prize and Booker Prize novels from 1970 to the present—he’s still four short of that goal.

Doug’s pet peeve is people who don’t stand in line and his favorite choral piece is Bach’s Christmas Oratorio which he has yet to perform. He heard it in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London many years ago and has never forgotten the experience. Cantabile cherishes Doug’s richly sonorous bass voice and his beautifully moving readings of the texts we’ve sung. When he’s not singing, Doug loves to play computer-boggle with his wife, devour episodes of Downton Abbey and travel.

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