Jun 052015
John Kitching

Atomic clock builder, professional email sender and phone-call maker John Kitching has been singing with Cantabile since 1998. John created the smallest atomic clock in the world, which is on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Born in Chester, U.K., the well-traveled Bass has lived in Vancouver, Canada, where he graduated from McGill University; Pasadena, California while getting his PhD at Caltech; Paris, France; and Perth, Australia. John travels frequently on business and recalls an exciting adventure on one trip to China, where the lobby of his hotel in Shanghai was submerged under a foot of water for a day after a freak rainstorm.

John has been singing since his college days and was a member of the short-lived rock band “The Triplet-P-Twos”. He once sang the national anthem at a Rockies baseball game. John’s favorite choral piece is the Philip Glass opera Einstein in the Beach.

John has climbed ten of Colorado’s Fourteeners, and given a week with no other commitments, he would hike part of the Colorado Trail.