May 152015

Katja Stokley joined Cantabile in 1996 and has been the backbone of the alto section ever since. Our collective choral German diction shines thanks to her German heritage and schooling. A former canary trainer and student of the glockenspiel and recorder, Katja has an MS in Computer Science and works in aerospace as a computer programmer and software project manager. When she’s not singing, Katja creates beautiful websites, bakes impressively crusty bread and participates in weightlifting and wheelchair racing.

Her pet peeve is lack of consistency and spelling/grammar errors and she makes use of her formidable editing skills in managing Cantabile’s website and editing our concert programs. Her favorite, as yet unsung, choral piece is Mozart’s Waisenhaus Messe in C minor.

Katja, the granddaughter of a Lutheran minister, briefly considered following in his footsteps and joining the religious life. She became an applicant to an Anglican religious order but as she says, “It’s probably not a surprise that it didn’t work out. I can intone a mean Gregorian chant but I’m really bad at keeping silent for 10 minutes, much less for 12 hours in a row.”