2017-2018 Season Auditions



Photo Credit: Darcy Varney Kitching

Cantabile welcomes new members in all voice parts!

Prospective members should have a passion for music making, and a willingness to devote time to rehearsals, individual practice, and concerts, and be experienced choral singers, with strong vocal and sight-reading skills.

Auditions for the 2017-2018 season will be held on July 28th and 29th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, at St Andrew Presbyterian Church, 3700 Baseline Road, Boulder CO 80303.

Auditions will consist of:

  1. Vocalizing and range testing, simple exercises to learn the range and quality (not as in good and bad, but as in ‘gentle, ‘robust’, ‘full, ‘vibrant’ etc.) of your voice.
  2. Singing back a few short 4-5 note melodies to check your pitch accuracy and aural recall.
  3. Singing an excerpt from Your Fragrance by Edward Henderson , to check your ability to practice and learn music on your own, and to check your part-independence capabilities. Please learn the voice part for which you are auditioning. There will be a pianist there to play the other parts, and the Music Director might sing an additional part. Please learn measures 17-28.
  4. Optionally, you may bring a solo piece to perform. A pianist will be available to play the accompaniment. Auditioning is a nerve-wracking activity, and for many people, this is the most familiar part of an audition (it being something you learned ahead of time) and so can be the most comfortable, therefore you are to perform something that helps you feel you’ve put your best foot forward. If you would like to pass on this piece of the audition, it will mean nothing toward your invitation to the ensemble. Consider it simply an opportunity to sing something familiar and comfortable.

Cantabile rehearses every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, beginning in September, and concluding in May. Rehearsals are at St Andrew Presbyterian Church, 3700 Baseline Road, Boulder CO 80303. Our rehearsal location is wheelchair accessible. The rehearsal schedule is available on the website. Dates for the season’s concerts are still being finalized.

There are limited spots in the ensemble, but our membership fluctuates from season to season. If this season shouldn’t work out, we encourage you to audition again in the future!

If you would like to schedule an audition, please fill out the form below.