Jun 192015

Collaborative pianist and Taylor Swift fan Stella Pradeau has been helping Cantabile sound amazing since 1997. When our performances call for ensembles rather than piano accompaniment, Stella can be found in our alto section. To help her work with the 40+ voices and personalities of Cantabile, Stella draws on her years of experience wrangling three daughters and most recently a mischievous cairn terrier by the name of Scooter.

One of her favorite collaborative experiences with Cantabile was our recent performance of Brahms’ Zigeunerlieder. When she’s not collaborating with local choirs, Stella maintains a thriving piano studio out of her home in Louisville. She travels often to France and loves creating challenging Easter scavenger hunts for her daughters.

If she had a week with no commitments, she would take lots of walks with Scooter, spend time reading and doing yoga, practice piano every morning and get to some of those “I’ll get to it another time” projects.