a note from our board

 Posted by on Tuesday, September 22, 2020  The Choir Diary
Sep 222020

We as a board are grateful that Cantabile has been a careful steward of its finances over the years. Due to the health of Cantabile’s budget, we are able to meet our financial obligations for this year even with the anticipated loss of revenue.

We are proud to share that we will continue to compensate our paid musical staff according to our pre-approved budget.

We have also invited members of the choir to consider paying dues voluntarily. Should you feel inclined and able, we invite you to consider supporting Cantabile or any other arts organizations in the community. Support for arts is needed now more than ever, not only as we endeavor to overcome a challenging time but in the future to help us make sense of this period we will have collectively sustained.

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what is happening this season?

 Posted by on Tuesday, September 22, 2020  The Choir Diary
Sep 222020

Dear friends and patrons,

Many things are different in our world right now, but our desire to sing together and share art is not. Like other arts groups, we are navigating new waters as we seek to serve our mission in a safe and responsible way.

Although we are eager to perform again, the health and safety of our singers and patrons is our priority. To that end, we have delayed announcing our 2020-2021 concert season. Our choir members remain engaged and highly involved as we work through this unprecedented time.

Julien Salmon, President of the Board of Directors

2019-2020 Season

 Posted by on Thursday, March 19, 2020  The Choir Diary
Mar 192020

Cantabile is sad to announce that we are postponing our May concert, Listen to the Future. Although a difficult and disappointing decision, we made it with the understanding that it is the right thing to do given current concerns for public health and safety — and as a gesture of caring for those in our community.

We will, instead, open our next season with Listen to the Future. Our preparations are already underway for this unique and forward-looking concert. The concert will feature world premieres from two Boulder-area high school students. They have been working closely with celebrated Denver composer Kevin Padworski this winter, preparing and refining their original pieces. When we resume rehearsals, Cantabile will be giving these pieces their first ever read-through. We look forward to presenting these pieces to you, along with music by Padworski, choir member Margaret Friesen, and Denver-area composer Misty Dupuis, as well as other local and national composers.

Thank you to those of you who have financially supported this concert. We are so appreciative that you have joined us in encouraging the newest voices of Boulder’s choral community.

We will announce our plans for rescheduling this concert when we are able to do so. Over the coming months, we will stay in touch with updates and information about our Listen to the Future program, as well as plans for our season ahead.

Our hearts go out to all the artists and organizations that have been working to keep arts and music alive and vibrant in Boulder County, and who have had to cancel and postpone performances, workshops and rehearsals. Please consider supporting local arts organizations and local musicians with donations during this difficult time. You can do so through the Musicians Relief Fund, set up by the Boulder County Arts Alliance at www.bouldercountyarts.org/musicians-relief-fund.

– Brian Stone, Music Director
– Cantabile Board members

Brian StoneOur 2019-20 season focuses on the ways music can remind and bring us comfort and solace. Our November concerts highlight music and texts that ask our audience to consider memories and locales from our lives that we look to for strength to continue through difficult times. Our February performances feature the Brahms Requiem, a piece that is meant to comfort those who grieve when loved ones pass. Our final performances in May include new works created by Boulder area high-school musicians. These concerts demonstrate that all ages can partake in the universal language of expression found when music and poetry unite.

—Brian Stone, music director