Aug 252018

Our first concert of the season celebrates the music that made us who we are today, and includes some new pieces that send us optimistic into the years ahead. Many of the pieces we perform will evoke nostalgic memories and were suggested by the talented singers and our marvelous pianist, Stella Pradeau, who is beginning her 20th season with Cantabile. These include favorites by contemporary choral composers Morten Lauridsen, Joan Szymko, and Rosephanye Powell, as well as beauties from the choral canon by Johannes Brahms, Maurice Duruflé, and Gerald Finzi. Additionally, we welcome back the wonderful leadership of Music Director Emeritus Robert Farr, and the inimitable vocal talents of tenor Fred Peterbark. The message is that we are proud of our history and the foundation it provides for a strong and meaningful future. We hope you will join us to celebrate the beginning of Cantabile’s 30th season.

Oct 302017
Venetian Masters

The Baroque era of Western music spans from the late 17th century through the middle of the 18th century. The two composers of this era featured on this concert could easily be considered musical masters of their time and enjoy many similarities: both began their musical training in the hallowed halls of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy; both would travel throughout Europe gaining notoriety for their compositions of chamber music, operas, and music for the church; both were named Antonio! The chief difference between the two is found in the popularity their compositions enjoy today. Antonio Vivaldi’s music is heard regularly and we are thrilled to perform his perhaps most well known work, Gloria. In contrast, Antonio Caldara, although not completely unknown, is not nearly as celebrated today despite that he was likely of equal fame during the Baroque era. Cantabile is excited to present Caldara’s Missa Dolorosa. These two works set beautifully together for chorus, orchestra, and soloists. We hope you’ll join Cantabile as we celebrate two masters of the Baroque, one you might know, and the other you might not.

Oct 302017
The "Other" Side of Love

So often, love songs celebrate the deepest unconditional and undying qualities of love, but we’re choosing to throw that mushy stuff out the window. Instead let us consider the music and texts that emphasize the silly, flirtatious, and darker sides of love. In particular, we will feature selections from Johannes Brahms’ Neue Liebeslieder, a collection of waltzes set for chorus and four-hand piano whose texts focus on the stormy and torrid side of love. When you’ve grown tired of the sappy love that Valentine’s Day celebrates, come hear some wonderful music about the ‘other’ sides of love.

In addition to the performances listed below, Cantabile will present an abbreviated selection of these pieces as part of the Boulder Public Library Third Tuesday Lunchtime Concert Series on February 20th at 12:00 pm.

Sep 132017

Cantabile’s first concert of the season is inspired not by the season of the year, or by any specific composer or poet, but solely by our venues: the Boulder Public Library and the Longmont Museum. Libraries and museums are gathering places for the community and a repository of literature, philosophy and knowledge from all spheres of study. The music of our performance features poetry and texts inspired by these ideas and comes from throughout music history. From Shakespearean sonnets to pieces inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, our selections promise something for everyone. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the sharing of knowledge and enlightenment that our libraries and museums represent.

In addition to the performances listed below, Cantabile will present an abbreviated, sensory-friendly selection of these pieces as part of the Boulder Public Library Concert Series on November 18th at 2:00 pm.