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Spring 2021 | I Will Sing (Virtual Performance)

Choirs everywhere have found new ways to make music and reach audiences but this has not replaced what we truly love about singing. More than anything else, this innovation in performance was born out of the deep grief we have felt from the loss of being able to make music together, side by side. These three songs mirror our choral experience in this pandemic—an arc moving from loss to remembrance to joyous hope that singers everywhere felt: the loss at the beginning of the pandemic; the remembrance that stokes our hope; and the excitement for a joyous return to singing together in the coming year.

Songs From Silence

This past year choirs around the world were silenced. But even apart from each other, we turned to music and singing for comfort and hope. Enjoy these two pieces by Elaine Hagenberg: Song of My Heart and Stir the Embers.

I Will Sing

We never gave up hope that one day we would be back in person singing, hearts beating together. That day has come and we are thrilled to share this uplifting piece by Rosephanye Powell, I Will Sing.