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Expression Through Experience

Expression Through Experience

Come make art with Cantabile. This unique multimedia concert highlights two local visual artists, Betsy Cole and Melinda Driscoll, who will provide a window into their creative process. Using “starters” (prints from the first brush strokes of Betsy and Melinda’s paintings) and Crayola markers, you are invited to create art in response to the music Cantabile sings. And should you wish to, you can lend your voice to one of the performed pieces—blending your voice with the ensemble to create something greater than the individual.

Along the way, we will discover together how art is a way to process, wrestle, understand, and express the emotions and feelings we individually and collectively experience.

Highlights of the concert include Vision by Andrea Ramsey, An die Sonne (D 439) by Franz Schubert, Returning by Dale Trumbore, and A Rose Touched by the Sun’s Warm Rays by the late University of Colorado professor, Jean Berger.

Concert Recording: