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Iholba’: The Vision

Iholba’: The Vision

At Cantabile’s final concert of the 2022-23 season — a season where we are examining how art is an essential part of our humanity — we invite you to a celebration of cultures both familiar and foreign.

Specifically, we will be honoring the culture of the Chickasaw Nation through Chickasaw native Jerod Tate’s work, Iholba’ (The Vision). The musical material for Iholba’ is based on a Chickasaw Garfish Dance song and is sung in the Chickasaw language.

Join us as we explore how art is a defining feature of cultures and how it helps reconnects us to our common humanity while acknowledging our important differences. Indeed, all cultures share art. It is therefore the perfect vessel through which we can learn about cultures different than our own and to build bridges of understanding and compassion.