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Jubilate Deo

Jubilate Deo

Cantabile and Rocky Mountain Chorale combine forces to perform two epic works: Serenade to Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Jubilate Deo by Dan Forrest. We are joined by members of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra for a collaborative, joy-filled performance featuring more than 100 musicians, on a scale that our community hasn’t seen in the last two years!

Cantabile’s Artistic Director, Brian Stone, conducts Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Serenade to Music, a celebration of the transformative and transcendent power of music. Setting text by William Shakespeare, this sweeping and lush piece spotlights eight soloists selected from both choirs. The text paints landscapes where the listener is invited to “sit and let the sounds of music” and “sweet harmony” “creep in our ears.”

Dan Forrest’s Jubilate Deo, conducted by Rocky Mountain Chorale’s Artistic Director, Jimmy Howe, sets Psalm 100 in no less than seven different languages including English, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. The text invokes an exuberant joy for God and the blessing of life. Forrest weaves recurring themes throughout the seven movements that grow from a simple two parts into a full eight-part chorus, accompanied by a full orchestra that includes a diverse set of instruments to honor the multiple languages.

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