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Finding a Way…

Contributed by a small group of Cantabile singers, the Garage Singers.

When the necessary reactions to COVID were enforced, the idea of not being able to gather weekly to sing was devastating. But the perseverance and careful caution of a determined few has helped me fight the isolation in a more expressive way than I could have imagined. It’s remarkable how our small group of vocalists has been able to transform a space so bland and industrial into one full of harmony and I like to think that the occasional passerby is enlightened by it as well.

Vaughn Erhardt Weiss

ich fahr dahin, wenn es muß sein

Choirs everywhere are prevented from gathering to sing during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the choir enthusiast and especially for a Cantabilite, this is like losing oxygen. We grieve the loss of singing together in person and performing for our community.

As an inadequate but extremely meaningful replacement, some singers have gathered informally in ventilated parking garages for distance singing. To our delight and amusement, we have heard other people doing the very same thing at the very same time, but one parking garage over.

I look forward to the garage singing time so much! It’s so sweet to be able to get together and sing, especially now that social events are so limited.  It’s lovely to hear everybody’s favorite pieces, and good practice to carry a part ourselves. The magic of feeling our voices resonating together is irreplaceable and such a treasure to me.

Michelle Fitzgerald

We often conclude our gathering with Brahm’s Abschiedslied, which always feels fitting. A love letter from us to Cantabile.

Nun halt die Treu als stet als ich!
So wie du willt, so findst du mich.
Halt dich in Hut, das bitt ich dich!
Gesegn dich Gott! Ich fahr dahin!
Ich fahr dahin, ich fahr dahin!

We miss choir, we miss Cantabile, but we know this won’t last forever. We will once again gather to sing as a whole… soon.