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Music is issued at the beginning of each semester and must be returned to the music librarian at the end of the semester. All music is on loan to you. Marks must be erasable, so please mark lightly, with pencil only. Erase marks that are on previously used music as soon as you receive it so that you do not confuse old markings with new instructions. DO NOT erase any number(s) on the front of the music.

You may highlight music ONLY if it is stamped as belonging to Cantabile. Highlighting is discouraged, though, as it restricts future use of the music. You may 3-hole punch music if it belongs to Cantabile, Rocky Mountain Chorale, or St Andrew Presbyterian Church. Do not punch any other borrowed music.

All the music in your packet should bear the same number. Do not swap music with other singers. Please put your name on the front of each piece (lightly, in pencil) so that it can easily be returned to you if we sing the piece again.

If for any reason you must leave Cantabile before the end of the season, all music MUST be returned to the music librarian. Borrowing music is a privilege that saves us all money. We need to do our part by returning it promptly and in good condition.

Music is collected immediately after the last concert in which we perform the piece.

Each singer must have a black, non-shiny music folder or small three ring binder.

If you prefer to use digital music, let the music librarian know.

Choral folders can also be purchased from Cantabile: