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Fall 2020 | The Road Home (Virtual Performance)

Some things are different…some things are the same

In these last 6 months, choirs have had to reinvent how they make music together. When we went into isolation this past March, Cantabile began meeting through video conferences. We quickly learned that the things we had taken for granted were now technologically puzzling, if not impossible. We discovered that it isn’t possible to sing through video conferencing without large investments by our singers in computer and internet upgrades, and that while technology might be a bridge for some, it was a barrier for others. We found whatever solutions we could, did our best despite these issues, and continued to connect through the art of music in any way we could find. After a summer hiatus, we returned to our online format, and I was determined to find ways that felt as meaningful and as accessible as possible. We meet every other week, we discuss and listen to beautiful and important art, and in the next few weeks we’ll begin work on a virtual performance that you won’t want to miss.

While the methods are different, the reason we meet and reach out to all of you is the same. We love to make music together because of the meaning it brings to our lives. We love to present performances because they allow us an opportunity to express and comment on important ideas and emotions. The world needs art more than it ever has and we at Cantabile will continue, however the method might change, to create meaningful art that builds connection both within and outside of our ensemble.

In that spirit, we created a virtual performance of The Road Home, by Stephen Paulus.

The Road Home