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Teaching Piano Over Zoom

Stella's Students, December 2019

This photo is from our last studio recital together in December of 2019.

Teaching piano over Zoom is a challenge! My small studio has really stepped up to this challenge and we’re managing to make music and connect every week. We’ve had 2 studio Zoom recitals and even a Halloween Zoom party. When in-person lessons stopped back in March, I decided to (virtually) throw lots and lots of music at my students, focusing on reading skills and great repertoire. It has worked! We will celebrate when we’re able to be together again—with lots of cake.

Here are several of the pieces from Alfredo Casella’s Eleven Children’s Pieces. These miniature gems are magical, imaginative, colorful and ever so playful…

I miss you, Cantabile!

Stella Pradeau is Cantabile’s cherished and extraordinarily talented collaborative pianist.