The Lake Isle Project: The Choral Process

 Posted by on Monday, February 15, 2021  The Choir Diary
Feb 152021

Performing The Lake IsleAs a virtual conductor compiling this performance in a unique way, Artistic Director Brian Stone directed a live performance of the instrumental musicians (the Altius Quartet, pianist Stella Pradeau and guitarist Gabriel Santiago), and then combined a recording of the instrumentalists with individual tracks from over forty singers performing their vocal parts recorded at home. He explains that his job:

…was to knit it all together and that was a huge learning curve. Of all the virtual performances I have produced, I am the proudest of this one. It has so many layers of complexity…The instrumentalists together without the vocal pieces feel incomplete, almost hollow at times. The process is a struggle, it’s lonely and it’s hard, but I think the thing that makes it easier is that all the singers are there with me. Adding everyone’s voice individually is like having the choir together with me.

Learn more about the Lake Isle Project and listen to Cantabile’s virtual performance along with the Altius Quartet and Gabriel Santiago, guitar.